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Graphic Design for Web and Print

Graphic Design for Web: Our graphic design team can create a variety of web images which have been optimised to load up as quickly as possible. We create web advertising images including animation graphics and remote rollover graphics to make your web presence modern and appealing to the user, without the use of Flash, which can prove to be problematic for search engine optimisation.

All our web graphic designs are vector, scalable graphics, creating clear and crisp images which match your print graphics.

Our team of designers make interchangeable designs for both web and print. We can provide a comprehensive service for all your printable mediums. Brochures, business cards, flyers, press advertisements and product packaging.

Flyers, Brochures and Page Turning Newsletters: We can design your flyers, brochures and even create newsletters with online page turning that will work on PC and Apple devices.

Print Graphics: Images are printed using 4 separate colours, CMYK. File size is not so important, therefore different types of images are used including TIFF(Tagged Image File Format), PSBs (Photo Shops large file format) and PNGs (Portable Network Graphics). Images must be prepared for the printing process with many points to consider. The colour in your print graphics must match your web graphics.

Corporate Branding / Logo Design: Corporate branding, image and identity is an extremely important part of any business. Colours and shapes can tell a customer more in a second than words can ever say.

Enhanced Design Services will create unique, corporate branding which will stand out in a crowd. Image is everything because first impressions are the most memorable.

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